“Singleton’s unvarnished portrayal of her life — and the peculiar way it intertwines with the lives of the rest of the world’s populace — has been the comedic trademark of her young career.” – Alaska Dispatch News

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Internationally touring comedy phenom, Jessica Michelle Singleton was recently appointed JokeNation’s Ambassador for the U.S. & Canada for the 2015 Montreux Comedy Festival International Gala where she will perform alongside comedy giants from other nations around the world including Wonho Chung from Asia, Loyiso Gola from South Africa and Craig Hill from the U.K. Singleton is the only female ambassador, as well as the youngest.

She is the headliner for the three person Road Kill Comedy Tour Series, a self-produced national comedy tour which is currently being pitched as a docu-series by MadCow Prodoctions (run by former President of Comedy at Fox, Cheryl Bayer, and co-creator of The Daily Show, Madeleine Smithberg).

She was a top selection for the 2015 Korean International Comedy Festival and will perform in the 2015 Cabo Comedy Festival as part of the television show “Stand Up & Deliver” on J-Lo’s network, NuvoTV.

In 2013, she became the first English speaking female to be invited to participate in the Montreux Comedy Festival, Europe’s largest and longest running comedy festival. She has been invited to several other festivals including Women in Comedy, Laughing Skull and Bridgetown Comedy Festivals. Her comedy is featured on SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Station and she has been on several live showcases for Comedy Central.

Jessica Michelle Singleton has created a unique style of comedy that combines extremely random thoughts and observations with unparalleled vulnerability through personal stories from what some people refer to as a hyperactive, slightly deranged imagination.

She also would like to add that she sometimes refers to herself in third person to help give her a false sense of self-worth.

Thanks for coming out. Seriously, I love the gays.



14 thoughts on “home.”

  1. Hey Jessica! It’s Leslie! I started a blog and saw yours in the process! I will spread the word! If you have a moment, take a look at my blog unitewithlove.com. Talk to you soon oxoxo

  2. I wanted to email you with a big Kudos on your article published in the Anchorage Press, Slutoween time! Great job! You completely hit the nail on the head.
    I wanted to email you a photo of my costume I made this year. You’ll be proud of me(;

  3. dear jms, was a great pleasure to meet you on board-rome -geneve, pls keep in touch our conversation was super, write to my mail in case you come back to europe, william

  4. Saw you tonight at Harvey’s in Tahoe. I loved your stand up because it was funny but you also shared such personal information that was very refreshing to hear. People should feel open to talk about things that have happened to them, which is a step in the healing process. Sorry, got a little deep. You funny.

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